AOS #91 Response to Gun Violence

Mount Desert Island Regional School System
Office of the Superintendent of Schools
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Mount Desert, Maine 04660
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15 June 2022 
The horrific shooting murders of 19 fourth grade children and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas filled our hearts with grief and outrage. Tragically, this was not an unprecedented event. Gun violence is the leading cause of death for American children and teens1. Every day, more than 
110 Americans are killed with guns and more than 200 are shot and wounded. Since the start of 2022 
there have been 27 school shootings and more than 200 mass shootings2.
This is a public health crisis with known effective solutions. As adults tasked with educating and protecting schoolchildren, we must demand immediate action from our elected officials. Common sense gun safety legislation is the most effective way to prevent another Uvalde or Parkland or Sandy Hook. A majority of Americans, including most gun owners, support gun safety legislation. 90% of Americans support background checks3. These commonsense gun safety solutions also include extreme risk (red flag) laws and limitations by age and history (i.e. felony or domestic violence conviction) on who can purchase certain firearms. We implore our Congressional Representatives to act immediately. 
Turning schools into formidable and unwelcoming fortresses is not an effective solution, nor is it compatible with providing an excellent education for all students. 95% of American public schools drill students on lockdown procedures. These are traumatic and distressing for students and staff. Yet, there is almost no research affirming the value of these drills for preventing school shootings or protecting the school community when shootings occur. Arming school staff is equally ineffective4. Having a gun in the classroom increases the likelihood that a student will access a gun and that someone will be shot outside of an active shooter incident. Schools are places for wonder and curiosity, books and backpacks, not weapons. 
Educators work to ensure our schools are welcoming and affirming places. They seek tirelessly to address bullying. Staff help students and families access mental health and other services and perform threat assessments. These are all important parts of school safety. However, until Congress passes gun safety legislation schools will be limited in our ability to keep children safe. 
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Michael Zboray, Superintendent of Schools 
on behalf of the Mt. Desert Island Regional School System - AOS #91 School Board