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MDIRSS Anti-Racism Task Force

The mission of the MDIRSS AOS # 91 Anti-Racism Task Force is to work collaboratively with members from across the district to identify and create solutions for and address concerns about structural and cultural contributors to racism within the MDI Regional School System. 

The Task Force will consist of at most 24 members: up to 8 students, up to 5 teachers, no more than 3 members of the administration, up to 2 representatives of the AOS #91 Board, up to 2 guidance counselors, 1 ed-tech and up to 3 community members. The student representatives can consist of a mixture of middle and high school students, and the five teacher representatives will consist of at least two high school teachers, and at least two K-8 teachers. The 3 members of administration will consist of one high school admin, one K-8 admin, and one central office admin. The 2 guidance counselors can come from schools at any schools in the AOS 91 district. A quorum shall consist of 9 members, including at least 3 student representatives.