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Returning Student Annual Update

Welcome back!

This electronic, online process is required each year for all MDIRSS students. From the comfort of your home, parents and guardians are able to electronically review, update and sign all required documentation for your child in one spot.
This year, the process will look a little different, and will require parents and guardians to create a PowerSchool parent account if you don't already have one and link your children to that account.
Creating a new account and/or adding additional children to your PS account will require unique per child access ID's and Passwords that will be sent to you separately by email. But once the link occurs, you will only need your MDIRSS PowerSchool Parent Account information in the future.
Please note that returning students are those who were enrolled with an MDIRSS school on the last day of the previous school year. If you’ve moved within MDIRSS schools, don’t worry, the process is the same but you will have to contact the new school to transition enrollment from the previous school to the new school.
Here's what parents/guardians need to do:
If you have a PowerSchool Parent Account: Log in and follow the Returning Student Information Update Process to locate, review and update all forms.
If you don't have a PowerSchool Parent Account: Follow the How to Create a PowerSchool Parent Account Guide. Your child(rens) access ID and Passwords have been emailed to your on or about August 24th from the school. When your account is created and your children are linked to your your PS Parent account, follow Step 2 in the Returning Student Information Update Process.
For parents of more than one student, you will need to complete the registration of one student FIRST and submit it before entering the other students.
Once you have successfully submitted one Returning Student Registration, click on the current student name in the top left of the header and select the next student from the list and proceed with reviewing and submitting all forms for each remaining child.
If you have questions, please view the FAQs for Returning Students or check the Parent Guide.
Parents and guardians should complete this update by September 6.

School Contact Information

**Note: If you are registering for prekindergarten, you must meet specific eligibility requirements.
  • Conners Emerson School (K-8) - (207) 288-3631
  • Cranberry Isles Schools (K-8) - (207) 288-5049
  • Frenchboro Elementary School (K-8) - (207) 288-5049
  • Mount Desert Elementary School (PreK-8) - (207) 276-3348
  • Mount Desert Island High School (9-12) - (207) 288-5011
  • Pemetic Elementary School (PreK-8) - (207) 244-5502
  • Swan's Island Elementary School (K-8) - (207) 526-4300
  • Tremont Consolidated School (K-8) - (207) 244-7777
  • Trenton Elementary School (PreK-8) - (207) 667-8447